…When A Contestant Showed Her Pink Panties After Winning Big on Match Game

The best of many great things about the 70’s version of Match Game, aside from the glorious inebriated rivarly between Brett Sommers and Charles Nelson Reilly and the flawless, seemingly effortless hosting abilities of Gene Rayburn, hands down the best game show host ever — was that anytime anything went wrong, instead of a re-take, the producers would just go with it, and the show was all the better for preserving the spontaneity. Modern-day producers take note! No level of planning can produce the uproarious response from the audience when the below took place.

Witness lovely blonde winner, going for five-thousand clams. Doesn’t she look pretty and wholesome? The little dickens! Please pick the star you’re hoping to match.

Um… oh caterpillars! This is hard. I think I’ll pick Ann Elder!

Uh… Ann Who??? Makes no difference. Read on…

Okay, here we go. For $5,000, fill in the missing word. “_______ Hood”

Wow, oh my God… this is totally so hard. Hmmm. “Sweatshirt…” No. “Little Red Riding…” NO! I’ve got it. I’ll say… ROBIN HOOD!

Oh fiddlesticks! I thought about saying Robin, honestly I did, but at the last minute I changed my mind…

…and said ROBIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY GOD! This is the most exciting thing to ever happen to me! And it’s on NATIONAL TELEVISION! Everyone can see! Finally, I’m a winner! I’m a winner!

And then…

Oh dear…

Well, it looks like she was a good sport about it. And now at least she can afford a nice bell-bottom jump suit or some Dittos and maybe a nice corduroy purse.


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