…When Mister Barry My Hairdresser Sent Me the Opening Titles to The Brady Brides

Wow! I watched all 6 episodes of this collapsing shack. Before the days of cannibalizing a successful show in order to make ten to twelve desperate spin-offs, Sherwood Schwartz actually had a good idea… well, it was at least an original idea… ok, maybe it wasn’t that either, but it’s stuck in my head for the last twenty-five years, so the man must know something. Anyway, I want to say that this show was actually an hour, but I can’t imagine it would have been able to sustain my interest for that long… even at ten years old, I knew it sucked ass. So it must have been paired with another lousy NBC Friday sinking-ship sitcom,like Here’s Boomer or Hello Larry! I’m already putting way too much thought and energy into this blog. Any tune that can work in a lyric like, “In the meantime along came Wally” pretty much sells itself. And don’t make fun of my having a hairdresser. If you met Mister Barry, you’d know there’s no other word for him.

June 2008 Updated – video deleted from YouTube for rights infringement


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