…When I’m No Longer Employed and Back at Home (The Big Gay Starbucks on Santa Monica Boulevard)

Check out these great fantasy Monopoly boards configured at Fark.com

In anticipation of my trip with Michael to Disneyland on April 17, I bring you Yesterland, a cyber collection of the long dismantled, destroyed, and erased attractions from the park over the last fifty years. Here is where one may go to pay their respects to such gems as the Rocket Rods, the Midget Autopia, the “Plane Crazy” Stage Show, and the Rainbow Ridge Pack Mules. Wow! Let’s not forget the “Stand Here and Watch the Grass Grow” Attraction or the thrilling “Adventures of a Bump on a Log.” This is when it used to used to cost $8 to get in. You’ll see why. Good pics, though!


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