…When I Found a Site Devoted to Polish Movie Posters

While most movie posters in the United States pretty much showcase the standard corporate style imagery to hawk the film, the fine folks in Poland have a brilliant dramatic license when marketing Hollywood’s finest in their country, resulting in some of the most brilliantly surreal and amazing pieces of movie artwork ever created. Some of them are obvious, some seem to be crazy nonsequiters that have nothing to do with the original picture, while others seem to change the focus of the movie altogether. Weekend At Bernies now looks more like a horror film, and Polish poster for The Terror of Mechagodzilla looks as if it was animated by the folks that made Yellow Submarine. Enjoy this sampling of their wares, and then visit POLISHPOSTER.com to see more, and maybe even buy one. They are all originals with no reproductions, so be prepared to empty out your polish piggybank. Visit Retro Crush.com


One Response to “…When I Found a Site Devoted to Polish Movie Posters”

  1. nice!
    i love old/original(as opposed to standard) movie posters

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