…When I’m in Shorts… Which Rarely Happens But it’s Just That Hot in L.A. Right Now

Hey! An open elevator shaft! You know what’s fun to do with an open elevator shaft? Stick your head in and keep it there until just before a……… Anyone Seen My Head.nobiz

AOL won’t deliver emails that criticize AOL – Opponents of AOL’s proposed email tax — which will charge $0.025 to “guarantee delivery” of email to AOL customers — are being censored by AOL, which is blocking emails containing the URL dearaol.com, an activist site for people who want to petition AOL to reconsider its actions. For more information, go straight to Dear AOL.com via BoingBoing.net

ROBOT CHICKEN – Michael bought Season One today. “Old-school stop-motion animation and fast-paced satire are the hallmarks of this eclectic show created by Seth Green and Matt Senreich.” Visit the best show on Cartoon Network here. I love you, Michael!

This is mentally disturbing. It’s insane shit. Actually it’s “Merda Insana,” the sequel to “Mentally Disturbing.” If that’s enough to deter you, click here. And if that’s not mentally disturbing enough, you should check out Mentally Disturbing which is insane shit and mentally disturbing, but not as mentally disturbing as “Meda Insana” which is insane shit. Wow, who wants a joint?


2 Responses to “…When I’m in Shorts… Which Rarely Happens But it’s Just That Hot in L.A. Right Now”

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