…When Michael Left Half a Pizza in My Fridge and I Ate it in Ten Minutes Flat

Like many out there, I love (hate) the appointment of Rosie O’Donnell to fill Meredith Viera’s chair on The View come September, but I am oh so looking forward (dreading) to the daily discussion of differering opinions (Rosie smacking down Star and rump-stomping her neck five days a week). We can take comfort in the fact that Rosie is being contractually prevented from sporting another haircut (Logan’s Run lesbian mullet mow-down) like she did a few years ago. We can only hope that Barbara Walters was also smart enough to include penalty clauses should Rosie ever bring up her performance as a “challenged” person in Riding the Bus with my Sister (Lobotomized Baboon). Via WizBang Pop!


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