…When It’s Easier to Pic than Post

Gary: “Michael, that little boy behind us said he wanted the gold dumbo.”
Michael: “Then he can go stand at tne end of the line again and wait for it.”

This is in front of the base of the Tarzan Treehouse, but I’m going to tell everyone I went to Hawaii. They’ll believe it too, because it’s just like me to go to Hawaii and wear a long-sleeved shirt and jeans the whole time!


2 Responses to “…When It’s Easier to Pic than Post”

  1. Michael Granberry Says:

    OMG, look how well the backgrounds match up in those two shots…coo-OOL! Plus, you look hot!

  2. Gary Green Says:

    I know. I noticed how closely the backgrounds matched up when I put the two pics together. Were we even trying to mach them up? I don’t think so. Thanks for the pic, baby!

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