…When the Contestants Get Surly on TPIR

Longtime watchers of The Price is Right know there are certain tricks one can use to their own advantage to quickly exit out of contestants row and get up to the stage with Bob and play for big prizes.

One of the tried-and-true jimmies of the trade is to outbid a competitor by only one dollar, thus shutting them out completely save for the slim chance they actually bid the exact dollar amount of the prize, which we all know, happens only rarely.

Early in the run of the show, this never happened, but somewhere along the lines, a contestat came on down, figured out this was an effective way to shut out at least one of his competitiors and increase his own odds of the big win. It’s been going on regularly ever since, for years now, and generally the contestant who’s been victimized by this dirty but acceptable practice, will be very respectful and sportsmanlike about the whole thing.

Until this week…

The producers don’t even have time to display the dude’s bid of $651 before the girl who bid $650 is all over him like a cat on a canary

Click here to see the dirty deed in all it’s glory!

The dude actually makes it to stage with this bid and wins a new car! The girl gets up to the stage on the next bid, and wins a crappy dinette set. So goes the world!


2 Responses to “…When the Contestants Get Surly on TPIR”

  1. that is hilarious.

  2. i love tpir, and all the things that happen there. thanks for this.

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