…When I’m Reading an E-mail from Silly Sally the Clown, Who Wants a New Website

Bob Barker: “I have been told that on The Price is Right, the ONE DOLLAR BID is Mean but that the Two Dollar Bid is THE MEANEST!

We are now passing “It’s a Small World.” “It’s a Small World” opened forty years ago this Sunday, May 28, and has been driving people batty ever since – LaughingPlace.com

Best Headline of the Day – Strippers Fight Outside Burning Club – with great video of flames engulfing a building, followed by a close up of stiletto heels, the hearty sun blocked out by choking black smoke, a fireman draining his hose, and handcuffed bare-belly wig-strappin booty-licious trash getting hauled off to the pokey – Link Here

Six years old, four foot seven, 210 pounds. No, it’s not Bobby Chrstina, it’s Dzhambulat! The next generation in Russian tanks! Link Here

The Girl Next Door! The Dreamer! The Partier! The Career Girl! Right now, they only hate themselves, but soon, thanks to ABC’s “How to Get the Guy, we’ll learn to hate them as well. Tick tock tick tock… who will get the guy? Who will achieve a greater sense of self-respect. Who will be the first to end up at the bottom of the pool???? Link Here


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