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…When There are 70 Callers Ahead of Me

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Part Two of the ForTheBoys TV interview with the adorable MGD, Southern-bred good ole boy, who weighs in on Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson’s fake body parts, Katis Holmes, Jessica Alba, Hilary Swank, George Clooney and more! ForTheBoys TV shoots in Los Angeles and currently airs on Out TV in Canada. More information can be found at

Part One of this interview can be seen by clicking here!


…When I Fell Alseep Sitting Upright on the Couch with My Mouth Hanging Open the Way My Grandfather Used to While Watching Trapper John, MD

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The Johnny Depp enhanced Pirates of the Caribbean has now officially opened at Disneyland. According to, lines for the attraction are extending out of New Orleans Square, through Frontierland and into Main Street! Even Pirate purists like myself can’t deny the spectacular payoff the park will see as a result of what it claims are only minor alterations.

Re-vamping every nook and cranny of the park, along with re-wrapping attraction exits to forcibly dump guests into plush-toy feeding zones is clearly inevitable. There’s no going back to 1955. The best we can hope for is that future movies developed out of Disneyland rides will fall flat, though in the case of The Country Bears success could have saved the corresponding Country Bear Jamboree from extinction.

At least there’s no Animatronic Eddie Murphy in The Huanted Mansion.

A 2-minute promotional movie for the “enhanced” (don’t say “changed”) attraction can be found at where I stole the pics.

ForTheBoys TV – Interview with MGD, Part One

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Gary and Steve talk to MGD about illicit activities with the dog, Linda Lavin and her original Southern Pig Pickin’ adventures and rolling around naked in the mud. ForTheBoys TV shoots in Los Angeles and currently airs on Out TV in Canada. More information can be found at

…When Panelist Jermaine Taylor Loses His Mind Over Martha Wash (It’s Raining Men) on "I’ve Got a Secret"

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“I’ve Got a Secret” airs weeknights on GSN (formerly Game Show Network). Click Here for more information.

There were numerous meetings during production on “I’ve Got a Secret” where the producers pitched celeb names that would have a particular appeal to the gay audience and someone that the show’s all-gay panel would enjoy. Someone in the room (I wish it was me, but it wasn’t) pitched the name Martha Wash, one-half of the Weather Girls, whose anthem “It’s Raining Men” has been burning up dance floors since the mid-eighties. Being that I was the only gay producer on the show, one of the execs, Jean Weigman, turned to me and said, “Gary, do you think the panel would know who Martha Wash is?”

As you can see, the panel more than knows who Matha Wash is. Jermaine Taylor nearly tears the set apart trying to get to her. I particularly enjoy Martha’s sexy-ass voice. One of the best segments we did, and certainly one that got the audience hopped on the show. Martha capped it off with a live performance of “It’s Raining Men,” and I gyrated around back stage as only a gay white man could. Please enjoy the video and pass it along.

Embedded Video code can be found on the vid’s YouTube page: Click Here!

…When Alex Mooney Broke Pencils with His Ass YouTube

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From I’ve Got a Secret, originally airing on GSN, Monday, April 17, 2006. This was one of the first episodes we shot, and the first time we really got the audience excited about what they were seeing. Aside from it being crude, childish, and terrifically funny, Alex has also got quite a nice little caboose.

Watch I’ve Got a Secret… weeknights at 11:30 PM following Match Game on GSN!

This is

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Created by myself and producing partner Steve Jacobs, began in 2002 as a live streaming web show which ran three nights a week, for approximately three hours a night. The show was picked up by Out Tv (formerly PrideVision) in 2004 and continues to air.

The show combines live guests, live phone callers, a chat room, prize giveaways, with a few naughty twists here and there, plus animation segments created and produced by Michael Granberry and Red Hatchet Films. And then there is the closing theme which became more like our anthem after the first 150 shows.

And if anyone is interested, broadcast rights are still available for every place on the map except Canada.

The home page for the show is
Our page at Out Tv is
YouTube embedding code at