Oh My God…. Shoes (Kelly Likes Shoes)

Click Here to advance to the ForTheBoys TV demo
Click Here for the naked shower salute to The Jeffersons theme song

If you’re an obsessed, whatever-the-cost-give-them-to-me-now shoe whore with a penchant for cops with billy clubs, parents with party hats and flaming hula hoops, this is the video for you. You will be repeating the phrase “Oh my God, bitch. These shoes are mine.” until your friends want to smack you with a week-old baguette.


8 Responses to “Oh My God…. Shoes (Kelly Likes Shoes)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    So I am so addicted to this song right now and watching the video.. I am walking around saying “shoes, let’s get some shoes.”

    watch it !!!

  2. Michael Granberry Says:

    I love shoes, too, and now I love this video!

  3. omg this is great! btw, margaret cho (whom i love)recently shared a video she directed for “the music lovers” on her blog and kelly was in it. see 6-28.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    omg… me and my friends at school do the “these shoes rule… these shoes suck” part like all day even through maths…. this song is totally cool!!!!!!! watch it now!!!

  5. “stupid boy, stupid boy” omg!!!! My cuz showed me this movie and it is so totly awosome!!!!!!!! “those shoes are mine B****”


  6. Anonymous Says:

    i LLOOOOOOOOOOVVEEEE this !!! shoes is awesome….kick ass!!!! this song rules….

  7. Anonymous Says:

    these shoes ar 300 f***ing dollars!!!…

    …lets get ’em!!!

  8. me and my friends did one like shoes but it wasent as good LOL i love shoes OMG SHOES

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