…When Michael Granberry Showed Me What Was Inside His Box

Boyfriend extraordinaire has spent the last couple of days uploading several super-short clips onto the web that were originally intended to be used as “bumpers” for a local cable tv show called Refused TV.

He completed nine segments before being informed that Refused TV had been cancelled, and these little clips wound up with no homes of their own! They seem to work perfectly for internet audience consumption, which likes its laughs in small, bite-size portions.

You can check them out by going to the RED HATCHET FILMS MOVIE PAGE here. And please be sure to click on his sponsors’ ads at the end of each film so he can take me to Disneyland!


One Response to “…When Michael Granberry Showed Me What Was Inside His Box”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    LOL! Oh My God, Gary Green. You are sweet and wholesome. Who knew your boyfriend was such a depraved sicko! You better watch out before he asks you to “rub the lotion on yourself.” My favorite was HEADBANGERS. The guy in THE BUNNY must have been from the McMartin molestaion trial! Three cheers for Red Hatchet Films!

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