…When People Had to be Convinced to Drink Coffee

Anyone else remember this commercial? Was there actually an era when ad time purchases were necessary to promote the drinking of coffee? What were we all doing in the mornings back then? Sipping Tang and bumping into one another all bleary-eyed?

Hold on tight to your dream people! Keep downing that java. You could win a nameless award for best fake look of surprise like Cicely Tyson!

via Neatorama


2 Responses to “…When People Had to be Convinced to Drink Coffee”

  1. Nice. At my former office, next to the coffeemaker, someone had posted an ad from the 1940s or ’50s, extolling the virtues of coffee and the “innovation” of date-stamped packages. It was all very, drink lots of coffee; it’s good for you! 😉

  2. slimeyapple Says:

    I was just talking about this commecial and then searched for it (remembering the song by ELO too).

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