Kitty is PISSED!

Must have seen all the recent dog activity on my blog and decided a simple brush up against my leg wouldn’t be enough. It’s the Willy Loman of the feline world. ATTENTION MUST BE PAID! A CAT IS NOT AN ORANGE!

Via Cynical-C


John the Revelator: Unofficial Music Video Targeting You Know Who

Stingray City!

Obsessive Toilet Flushing Cat

…When Betty Chu and Her Amazing Angora Rabbits Nearly Stumped the Panel on “I’ve Got a Secret”

…When Bette Davis Kicks Faye Dunaway in the Teeth on The Tonight Show


4 Responses to “Kitty is PISSED!”

  1. Cap'n Marrrrk Says:

    How bout those stingrays! I’ll bet you shit your pants when you heard about Steve Irwin and gave you an “I told you so!” to your partner.

  2. omg, when i read about steve irwin’s death i thought of your trip to stingray city. have ya told mg “i told you so” a thousand times yet or just accidentally hit him again and let it go?

  3. lol @ cap’n marrrk’s comment. must have been typing it while i was typing mine.

  4. That is one pissed off kitty! I never knew a cat could make a sound like that….

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