Today on Fat

I think my boyfriend is trying to make me fat so no one else will be attacted to me. What do you think?


6 Responses to “Today on Fat”

  1. You got a boyfriend,, so why are worry about get fat,,unless he is not the one,, then stop calling him your boyfriend, call him your love slave or your toy for now, Really I like the game you playing,, its call please steal me a way from my boyfriend and then you set back watch the cat fight, as two men are figthing for your love,,hehehe ;p

    P.S. Fat Guys are in thing this year

  2. where do I buy cartoon boxes of you guys from,, I mean for real, I would wear an ad of your show on a pair boxes ;p

  3. You have so much going on in the way of work on these webpages, it going take some time for me to take it all in, I well I just found you guys,, I’m start to become a big fan of your guys work, I’m a happy camper

  4. Michael Granberry Says:

    I think if you find a man who likes to cook for you, you betta hang onto him just as tight as you can!!

    I love you, sugar…

  5. Ester Beatriz Says:

    Hi, I’m from Brazil!!! Just visiting and enjoyed with your blog!!! Very good!!

  6. Ester Beatriz Says:

    Hi, Gary! Thanks a lot for return a comment… It’s be nice and make me happy!!!
    I have a translation flags up my site…is not so good, but I think is better than my english!!!! 😀 (I’m still learning…I must practice more :D)

    I see in your archives the bunnies of Betty Chu, so I like that and put that in my blog too, but with your credits!!

    Bye!!! Have a nice week!!!

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