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30 Rock is Great!

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I wish more people would watch this show so when I reference jokes from it people don’t tilt their heads to the side and furrow their brows like a confused terrier.

CNN’s got a great article about the show on their site right now, and Tina Fey is co-hosing The View this morning (Joy Behar makes a cameo on 30 Rock tonight). I’d wish NBC would drop the show into some other timeslots so people can sample it. Right now, the only people who seem to know how funny it is are me and my boyfriend, who does the BEST Tracy Morgan: “Bread will never maybe attack your brain again!”


Hey! Kelly Leak Got an Oscar Nomination!

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Jckie Earle Haley, who was nominated as Best Supporting Actor for Little Children. What’s next? A People’s Choice for Timmy Lupus, the booger-eatin’ moron?

1/24/07 – CNN is currently running a story on Jackie Earle – check it out here

Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space

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I was just recounting this powerhouse of a series to Michael the other day and decided a brief Googling was in order. This was the second season of the show and the prodcuers apparently felt the need to pump up the excitment by sending the very Earth-bound teen rock and roll band into the stars. It didn’t really make much of a difference as the stories were all pretty cookie-cutter and more or less a weekly Scooby Doo rip-off anyway, but hey – I watched.

From beginnig to end, the series only produced 32 episodes, though as a kid it seemed there were like 175 different episodes at least. The show was clearly not a huge success for the Hanna-Barbara juggernaut at the time, but certainly gained a following in the years afterwards. A feature film, a tidy little ancillary market and nearly everyone in their mod-thirties being able to sing the theme song from beginning to end is a testament to that. Below, you can watch the theme songs from both Season One and Season Two. I know, I know. Your prayers are answered. You can thank me later. has a detailed page about the series and how it came to be, along with some stills, and an explanation of how the band was launched into outer space for Season Two, as if one was really necessary for the average bleary-eyed 8 year old just out of bed:

“The story of how our heroes wound up in outer space (as recounted under the credits of every show) is that the band was invited to play at the launch of a new NASA spaceship (well, a new spaceship, anyway; there are no NASA logos or anything else that would indicate who built it, but there was nobody else in the US building spaceships at the time). They ride to the top of the gantry and pose in front of the open hatch for a photo-op. Alexandra attempts to knock Josie out of the spotlight (literally) with a body slam and they all go tumbling into to the open hatch. In a gravity and orientation challenged sequence worthy of Rocketship X-M, they fall inside, but the close-up shows them falling in toward the control panel at the front of the cabin (meaning that they were falling up since the rocket is standing on its tail). Anyway, as she falls, Alexandra grabs the launch lever and pulls it, sending them off. You don’t have to worry what happened to the photographers still on the gantry (who should have gotten toasted as the ship roared off) because the gantry conveniently disappears for the long shot of the ship taking off.”

Ian Ziering is Coming to Dancing with the Stars

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During the 90210 reign in the 90’s it was never a question of Dylan or Brandon for me, but rather whether or not hunky Ian Ziering was gonna take his shirt off and sweat it up on the football field with his frat brothers. Ian is one of those guys that will always looks good no matter how he ages. It’s all in his eyes and his smile. Would that we all could have been so graciously blessed by the Lord above. Now, Ian will be brining those lovely attributes, along with a few others below the neck to the next season of Dancing with the Stars, filling the “washed-up stud on the road to career redemption via the reality comeback trail” category. Can’t wait to see how my boy fills out those tight little chinos as he swings those hips from one end of my forty-inch LCD to the other. Can’t wait!

And if anyone has any shirtless pics of the lovely Ian just burning a hole in your hard drive, please send them my way!

T.R. Knight: Isaiah Called Me a "Faggot"

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On today’s Ellen DeGeneres show, newly-out Grey’s Anatomy actor T.R. Knight states that co-star Isaiah Washington called him a faggot, openly on the Grey’s set for all to hear, and that this was the cause of the ruckus that developed between Washington and Patrick Dempsey.

Someone has posted the interview to YouTube. Knight seems very uneasy even talking about it, but clearly he wants to (or feels driven to) set the record straight and put a slap-down on Washington, who denied the slur again last night backstage at the Golden Globes and in doing so used the word again, dragging all the focus back onto it.

Can you imagine having to show up to work there today?

You can see the full interview today on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and if you miss it you can catch it the following week on The Oxygen Channel

Ellen does a great job putting Knight at ease. Very classy. I wonder if Washington will be making the talk show rounds soon, though according to T.V. Guide, it’s possible he won’t have any project to promote.

Little Miss Sunshine Cast Plays Musical Chairs on ELLEN

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I loved Little Miss sunshine, but I love it even more after watching how much fun the cast had playing Musical Chairs on today’s epsiode of Ellen. They’re still playing off each other like pros. I think this kind of chemistry warrants a sequel of some kind… Little Miss Moonlight perhaps? Probably best to leave it as is. The movie is worth the rental. I hope it pulls down a couple Golden Globe awards tonight at the very least.

Pups is Pups: Adorable Italian Mastiff Puppies

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A friend of my sister’s family had an Italain mastiff that just gave birth to eleven puppies. They’ll be going over on Martin Luther King, Jr. in person to see them, but I have to work, so I’ll have to make do with these pictures, though I am thinking about calling in sick. It would be so worth it to pick up a few of these little tykes and snuggle with them.