Amillia Taylor, World’s Youngest Surviving Premature Baby

The picture is almost too unreal looking to believe, but those are the feet of an actual, breathing baby, born after just over five months in the womb. When Amillia Taylor was born on October 24th, 2006, she was 9.5 inches long and only 10 ounces heavy!

To give you a comparsion, here are some other things that weigh ten ounces:

A half-jar of preserves

A ceramic lizard mug

A botle of hot sauce

Now 17 weeks old, Amillia is expcted to be realeased from the hospital within the next few days. She was originally scheduled to go home on the 19th, but it was decided that she should stay under observation for a while longer.

With proper care and attention, she is expected to go on to live a totally normal life. Amazing!

Pic from Cellar Image of the Day, which also has a pic of what the much healthier (and larger) Amillia is looking like right now


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