NBC shows signs of Prime Time Competence!

30 Rock has just gotten the go for Season Two, which means I can now spend the $29.95 I had ear-marked for the first (and what I thought would be only) season Box Set complete with zero extras and lousy cardboard flip out packaging on Ketel One vodka instead!

But such will not be the case. NBC has done right by me!

As a reward, I may even sample the pitiful-looking Real Wedding Crashers when it premieres later this month.

Based on Rock’s timeslot opposite that show with the lisping girl who’s a doctor of some sort, I can understand why no one is watching, but what I can’t understand is why television critcs, bloggers and journalists aren’t giving it more praise and mentions for its masterful delivery of quick, sharp, topical jokes every single week.

30 Rock airs right after the Super-Sized episode of The Office this Thursday. If you can’t be pulled away from ABC, at least give it a Tivo sampling.

It’s really funny. Any show that can shoot Wayne Brady in the ass at the Source Awards and make a romantic pairing out of Alec Baldwin and Condoleeza Rice is worth the investment of your time!

Maybe now the first season box set with come with a commentary track and trading cards!


2 Responses to “NBC shows signs of Prime Time Competence!”

  1. Joe Bua Says:

    What a great episode last night, huh? I think that we should all get together and hire Jack McBrayer to dance privately for us.

    Will Arnett was amazing. Tina is brilliant.

    Alec Baldwin? Man, do I love Alec Baldwin.

    Alec, call me.

  2. Ester Beatriz Says:

    Helloooo dear!!!
    How are ayou???
    Just looking the news…
    Nice weekend!!!

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