SuperTrip 2007 – San Francisco, Grace Cathedral, Cable Cars, Legion of Honor, Azul Bar and more!

What do to when you’ve got about 2 minutes of quality footage from your tip to San Francisco, but you’re dying to put it to a song that’s over four minutes in length?

You quickly learn how to manipulate the finer function of Final Cut Pro and you get creative!

The result? Part one of my footage from SuperTrip 2007 with MG! I was inspired by my boy’s spontaneous rendition of “I Did it All for the Nookie” in the back seat of the convertible on the way to the Legion of Honor, and figured the best way to showcase it was to use the song as a whole. Mix in some footage from the Golden Gate Bridge, the Cable Car Museum, a grumpy cat, bar art from the Azul and some archive footage and a masterpiece was born. Pics from this segment of the trip follow below. Please let me know what you think.

Also, if you can share with me tips on how to embed a QuickTime file into blogger, I’d be happy to replace this with a non-compressed, much more vivid version currently sitting on my hard drive and waiting to find a home on cyberspace.


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