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Kate Walsh and the "Grey’s Anatomy" Spin off – Ellen DeGeneres Show

Posted in Ellen DeGeneres, Grey's Anatomy, Kate Walsh on May 9, 2007 by Tv Food and Drink

Ellen knows how to get right to the bottom of things. Check out this clip from the Thursday, May 10th show. Tired of wondering whether or not Kate Walsh’s “Grey’s Anatomy” spin-off will get picked up for the fall by ABC? Me too! And apparently Ellen is as well so smack in the middle of the interview, she decides to call Steve McPherson, President of ABC Entertainment and gets the answer! I love people who cut through the BS and get the answers!



Hollywood on Fire

Posted in Ellen DeGeneres, fire, Hollywood on March 30, 2007 by Tv Food and Drink

A few pics of the fire that is currently raging in Los Angeles, taken by MG from his viewpoint in Hollywood. I’m on the other side of the hill right now in Burbank, less than a mile from the Oakwood Apartments where the blaze started.

…When the McCartan School of Irish Dance Made My Office Tremble

Posted in dancing, daytime, Ellen DeGeneres, St. Patricks Day on March 19, 2007 by Tv Food and Drink