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Preventing workplace harassment video (all 3 hours of it)

Posted in GSN Live, television on October 13, 2008 by Tv Food and Drink

Veronica doesn’t mind flirting with the boss to make a little extra money…

Ramon is concerned that other employees are treating him and Alan differently since learning about their relationship…

Jason is concerned that his relationship with Alice might have gotten out of hand last week at the conference in Vegas.  On the last night, they decided to go out to a club and they had a few cocktails and Alice started, ahem… “dirty dancing” with him, whispering in appropriate things and then grabbed his… (gulp)… rear end!

Catherine, who is 62, has a problem with Margaret who’s 50.  Margaret calls Catherine “granny” or “old lady.”  When Catherine recalled a show she enjoyed as a child, Margaret said, “I didn’t know they had television in the stone age!”

Walter is worried that Alma is going to retaliate against him after he reported to HR that she is always rubbing Brad’s shoulders, especially since Alma has started excluding him from meetings about the upcoming big project…

Gina wore tight jeans and a t-shirt that seemed about two sizes too small to work, and then had the nerve to file a complaint about the men who made comments about her body…

…on and on and on and on.  I’m going home to watch porn (and since I am neither advocating or criticizing porn, nor am I offering an unwelcome invitation for others to view porn with me, this statement is completely appropriate for me to make on a personal blog that can, however, be viewed by supervisors and subordinates within the workplace.  If you are unsure if these policies apply to you in your workspace, please contact your human resources manager for clarification.  Thank you!)


When I Met Bob Barker

Posted in Bob Barker, daytime, television on March 15, 2007 by Tv Food and Drink

I waited outside the man’s dressing room for over ten minutes trying to figure out what I wanted to say. I’ve been hooked on TPIR since I was a kid (if you’ve followed my blog over the last few months you’ve probably already figured that out) and truly he is one of the major reasons I wound up working in non-scripted television. You have to figure that a guy who is as beloved by so many generations of people as he is, at heart, must be a pretty decent fellow, and I certainly was not disappointed. I asked him if he planned on writing a book, and when he said he wasn’t sure there would be a lot of interest, I told him I thougt he had really mis-judged what the world thinks of him. He was very laid back about who would replace him on the show, and really seemed to hope that whoever gets the job manages to run away with it. No bitterness about leaving at all – I suppose that’s because he’s doing it entirely on his terms and while he is still at the top of his game. Would that we could all be that fortunate.

It was a dream come true getting to ask him questions, discuss what I thought about the different games on the show, swap the names of mutual friends in the business, and thank him for the years of superb hosting and overall genuine entertainment, I almost decided to forego asking for a picture, but when I remembered I had the digi-cam in my back pocket, I went ahead and asked, and he was more than happy to oblige me.

It will be tough to watch TPIR with anyone else at the helm, and Bob’s not giving much in the way of clues as to who is coming after him. it’s pretty tough to find anyone in the industry who has managed to stay at job for one year, let alone 35! Truly a once in a lifetime moment for me.

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